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Drop the Lawsuit!

The Warriors of the Sunrise, a group of Indigenous women from the Shinnecock Nation, and their allies are currently engaged in a nearly month-long encampment along Sunrise Highway in the Hamptons, across from the Nation’s monument.

They are demanding that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York Attorney General Letitia James drop their frivolous lawsuit against the monument. The Shinnecock people are suffering due to hundreds of years of violent settler-colonialism. Many are living in poverty, and there is rampant food insecurity. This baseless lawsuit, which has cost the Shinnecock Nation potentially millions of dollars, is an attempt to obstruct the Shinnecock Nation’s economic development and strangle its ability to meet the basic housing, education and food needs of its tribal members.

Both Gov. Cuomo and Attorney General James have made a point of telling people not to play politics with people’s lives during a pandemic, but that is exactly what they’ve been doing with the Indigenous people on Long Island.

Raise Your Helping Hand

We are sick of New York State standing in the way of our economic development. We need to feed our people!

How You Can Help


You can support the cause by donating to our GoFundMe, PayPal or @warriorsofthesunrise via Venmo.

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If you are from the media and are looking to contact us, please reach us via email: warriorsofthesunrise [@] gmail [.]com

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